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Researcher Profile

Faculty of Policy Studies/Professor


D.Sc., Global Information and Telecommunication Studies,  Waseda University
MBA,  Leonard N. Stern School of Business, New York University

実積  寿也

[Academic History]

  • Waseda University, Global Information and Telecommunication Studies, Doctor, Completed (2003/03)
  • New York University, Leonard N. Stern School of Business, Finance, Professional Degree, Completed (1991/05)
  • The University of Tokyo, Faculty of Law, Graduated (1986/03)

[Research Papers, Books, and Oral Presentations]

[Academic Society Memberships]

  • International Telecommunications Society (2002/08-)
      ・18th Biennial Conference; Program Committee & Secretariat 2010/06-2010/06 

[Social Activities]

  • OECD Committee on Digital Economy Policy (CDEP) , vice chair (2018/05-)
  • Vice chair, OECD/MADE (2017/05-2017/11)
  • Lecturer to the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) and Chiang Mai University Lecture Series on Telecommunications Economics (Bangkok, Thailand) (2016/02-2016/02)
  • Instructor to the NBTC and Waseda University Training Workshop on ICT Policies Beyond the Era of Convergence (Bangkok, Thailand) (2014/07-2014/07)
  • Instructor to the Waseda University and NBTC Training Course on ICT Policies for an Advanced Network Society (Bangkok, Thailand) (2013/03-2013/03)
  • Instructor to the NBTC Training Course "ICT Development and Utilization: A Policy Perspective" Tokyo Session (Tokyo, Japan) (2012/07-2012/07)
  • Executive Instructor to the NBTC-Waseda University-Chalmers University of Technology Training Course on Policy and Regulation in ICT Development for Mobile and Broadband Diffusion (Bangkok, Thailand) (2011/08-2011/08)

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