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Researcher Profile

Faculty of Commerce/Professor

ONO Arito

M.A. in Economics  Brown University
Ph.D. in Economics  Brown University

小野  有人

[Academic History]

  • Brown University, Graduate School of Economics, Doctor, Completed (2001/05)
  • The University of Tokyo, Faculty of Economics, Graduated (1991/03)

[Fields of Specialty]

  • Banking and finance

[Research Papers, Books, and Oral Presentations]

[Academic Society Memberships]

  • American Finance Association (2017-)
  • European Finance Association (2017-)
  • Nippon Finance Association (2017-)
  • Japanese Economic Association (2003-)
      ・Program committee, 2018 Autumn Meeting 
  • American Economic Association (2000-)
  • Japan Society of Monetary Economics (1996-)
      ・Program committee and Session chair, 2013 Spring Annual Meeting 
      ・Program committee, 2017 Spring Annual Meeting 
      ・Program committee, 2019 Spring Annual Meeting 

[Social Activities]

  • The Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry (RIETI), Study on Corporate Finance and Firm Dynamics (2017/07-)
      ・Past study group: Study on Corporate Finance and Firm Dynamics 2015/05-2017/03 
      ・Past study group: Study on Corporate Finance and Firm Dynamics 2013/06-2015/03 
      ・Past study group: Research on Efficient Corporate Financing and Inter-firm Networks 2011/04-2013/03 
      ・Past study group: Group on Changes in Financial and Industrial Structures 2007/04-2011/03 
      ・Past study group: Group on Changes in Financial and Industrial Structures 2006/04-2007/03 
      ・Past study group: A Study of Corporate Finance 2004/04-2006/03 
  • The Tokyo Center for Economic Research, Fellow (2016/04-)
  • Cabinet Secretariat, Machi-Hito-Shigoto Sosei Honbu (Headquarter of creating towns, workers, and jobs), Financial council on revitalizing regional economies (2015/03-)
  • Nomura Research Institute, Study group on revitalizing regional finance (2015/02-2016/12)
  • Bank of Japan, Research and Statistics Department, Advisor (2015/01-2015/12)
  • Financial System Council, Study Group on Enhancing the Payment Services (2014/10-2015/07)
  • Part-time instructor on "Economy of the United States", Waseda University, Graduate School of Economics (2014/10-2015/03)
  • Institute of Comparative Economic Studies (ICES), Hosei University (2013/04-2015/03)
  • Financial System Council, Working Group on Method of Regulations on Banks which Contribute to Stability of the Financial System, etc. (2012/05-2013/02)
  • Financial System Council, Working Group on the Japanese Financial Industry: Desirable State in the Medium- and Long-Term (Present State and Future Outlook) (2011/04-2012/05)
  • The Japan Economic Research Institute, The Study Group on SWFs (2008/06-2009/10)
  • Part-time instructor on "Advanced Finance", Saitama University, Faculty of Economics (2008/04-2009/09)
  • Part-time instructor on "International Finance", Gunma Prefectural Women's University, Faculty of International Communication (2007/04-2009/09)
  • Visiting Professor (2009) and Part-time instructor (2006-2008) on "Frontiers on Finance", Hitotsubashi University, Faculty of Commerce and Management (2006/04-2009/09)
  • The FSA Institute, The Study Group on Financial Conglomerate (2003/10-2004/03)

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