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About the Academic Researcher Database

The Academic Researcher Database provides profiles, research results, current research topics, and other information on the full-time faculty of Chuo University, and provides functions such as simple search, keyword search, and searching by field of specialty.

Note: The database contains information about full-time faculty who are currently employed by the university.
Note: The database uses Unicode (UTF-8) for character encoding.

Key Word Search

This function searches for family names, given names, position names, departments, fields of specialty, research topic keywords, and academic society memberships of researchers.
Enter the keywords to search for and click the Search button.

You cannot search by full name.
Example: To search for Mr. Taro Chuo → Search by entering "Chuo" or "Taro".

You can search using Kanji, Katakana, and Romaji.
Please correctly enter new/old forms of Kanji.
If you are unsure of the Kanji, please enter using Romaji (alphabet) or full-width Katakana.
Examples of new/old forms of Kanji: 斉藤 / 斎藤 / 齋藤
If you are unsure of the Kanji: input Romaji or Katakana (e.g., input Saito or サイトウ for 斉藤).

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Display setting for the number of search results

Display results per search.

Duplication of the full list of researchers without permission is prohibited.

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