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Faculty or Graduate School Position Full Name Field of Specialty
Faculty of EconomicsProfessorONIMARU Tomoko 
Faculty of EconomicsAssociate ProfessorSAKAMOTO HiroshiWestern history
Faculty of EconomicsProfessorSAKATA YukishigeEcoomic statistics
Faculty of EconomicsProfessorSASAKI SoEnvironmental impact assessment/environmental policy
Faculty of EconomicsProfessorSATO Fumihiro 
Faculty of EconomicsProfessorSATO TakuyaTheoretical economics
Faculty of EconomicsProfessorSEKINO Mitsuo 
Faculty of EconomicsProfessorSHIBATA HidekiEconomic history, Philosophy
Faculty of EconomicsProfessorSHINOHARA MasahiroFiscal studies/finance theory
Faculty of EconomicsProfessorTADAKOSHI ChikakazuEconomic doctrine/economic thought
Faculty of EconomicsAssociate ProfessorTAKAMURA NaoshigeSports science, Physical education
Faculty of EconomicsAssociate ProfessorTAKEDA Masaru 
Faculty of EconomicsProfessorTAKIZAWA HirokazuTheoretical economics, Economic policy
Faculty of EconomicsProfessorTAMURA TakefumiAccounting
Faculty of EconomicsProfessorTANAKA HiroshigeApplied economics
Faculty of EconomicsProfessorTANG ChengApplied economics
Faculty of EconomicsProfessorTANIGUCHI YojiEconomic policy, Public Economics, Public Finance
Faculty of EconomicsProfessorTORII AkioEconomic policy
Faculty of EconomicsAssociate ProfessorTORII KotaroIntelligent informatics
Faculty of EconomicsProfessorTORII NobuyoshiGeneral Theory of Economics

Duplication of the full list of researchers without permission is prohibited.

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