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Faculty or Graduate School Position Full Name Field of Specialty
Faculty of LettersProfessorKANOH KisatoSportsmedicine
Faculty of LettersProfessorKARAHASHI FumiAssyriology
Faculty of LettersSpecially Appointed ProfessorKASAI MasanobuLangueige Art Education, Teacher Education
Faculty of LettersProfessorKASAI RyojiEnglish Linguistics and Philosophy of Language
Faculty of LettersProfessorKATO KyojiroFrench Language and Literature
Faculty of LettersProfessorKAWAKITA AtsukoWestern history, Area studies
Faculty of LettersSpecially Appointed ProfessorKINUMURA ToshiakiPedagogy
Faculty of LettersProfessorKOBAYASHI KenichiArcheology, Cultural asset science
Faculty of LettersProfessorKOGA MasayoshiPedagogy, Educational sociology, Sociology
Faculty of LettersProfessorKOYAMA KenjiInformation library science/humanistic social informatics
Faculty of LettersAssociate ProfessorKUBO NaomiEuropean language literature
Faculty of LettersProfessorMANABE RinkoEducational sociology, Pedagogy
Faculty of LettersProfessorMATSUDA MisaSociology
Faculty of LettersProfessorMATSUDA Toshimichi 
Faculty of LettersProfessorMATSUMOTO YukoAmerican History
Faculty of LettersProfessorMATTHEWS, John 
Faculty of LettersProfessorMIDORIKAWA AkiraClinical Neuropsychology
Faculty of LettersAssociate ProfessorMIYAMA JunichiHistory of Japan
Faculty of LettersProfessorMIYANO MasaruSociology
Faculty of LettersProfessorMIYATAKE AkiraPhilosophy/ethics

Duplication of the full list of researchers without permission is prohibited.

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