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Browse by Field of Specialty[Ecoomic statistics]

Contents of the Chuo University Academic Researcher Database websiteBrowse by Field of Specialty[Ecoomic statistics]Form

5 matching researchers were found.

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Faculty or Graduate School Position Full Name Field of Specialty
Faculty of EconomicsProfessorHAGA HiroshiEcoomic statistics
Faculty of EconomicsProfessorHASEGAWA ToshiakiEcoomic statistics, Applied economics
Faculty of EconomicsProfessorITO ShinsukeEcoomic statistics
Faculty of EconomicsProfessorSAKATA YukishigeEcoomic statistics
Faculty of EconomicsProfessorWADA Ko-heiEcoomic statistics, Demography

Duplication of the full list of researchers without permission is prohibited.

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