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Browse by Field of Specialty[Criminal jurisprudence]

Contents of the Chuo University Academic Researcher Database websiteBrowse by Field of Specialty[Criminal jurisprudence]Form

15 matching researchers were found.

Displaying matches 1 to 15.

Faculty or Graduate School Position Full Name Field of Specialty
Chuo Law SchoolProfessorIDA MakotoCriminal jurisprudence
Faculty of LawProfessorMAGATA OsamuCriminal jurisprudence
Chuo Law SchoolProfessorMURASE HitoshiCriminal jurisprudence
Chuo Law SchoolSpecially Appointed ProfessorNAKAGAWA MiyukiCriminal jurisprudence
Faculty of LawProfessorNAKANOME YoshinoriCriminal jurisprudence
Chuo Law SchoolProfessorNAKAYAMA TakaoCriminal jurisprudence
Chuo Law SchoolProfessorOGISO RyoCriminal jurisprudence
Faculty of LawProfessorSHIKATA KoCriminal jurisprudence
Faculty of LawProfessorTADAKI MakotoCriminal jurisprudence
Chuo Law SchoolProfessorTAKAHASHI NaoyaCriminal jurisprudence
Chuo Law SchoolProfessorTAKIZAWA MakotoCriminal jurisprudence
Faculty of LawResearch AssociateTANII SatoshiCriminal jurisprudence
Faculty of Policy StudiesProfessorTSUTSUMI KazumichiCriminal jurisprudence
Faculty of LawProfessorYANAGAWA ShigekiCriminal jurisprudence
Faculty of LawProfessorYASUI TesshouCriminal jurisprudence

Duplication of the full list of researchers without permission is prohibited.

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