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Browse by Field of Specialty[Material Science]

Contents of the Chuo University Academic Researcher Database websiteBrowse by Field of Specialty[Material Science]Form

4 matching researchers were found.

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Faculty or Graduate School Position Full Name Field of Specialty
Faculty of Science and EngineeringProfessorIHARA TohruMaterial processing/treatment, Machining/Manufacturing
Faculty of Science and EngineeringAssociate ProfessorMATSUNAGA MarikoComposite materials/physical properties, Functional materials/device, Thin film and surface interface physical properties
Faculty of Science and EngineeringProfessorSATO HirohikoSolid-State Physics II(Magnetism,Metal Physics and Cryogneics), Solid-State Physics I(Optical Properties,Semiconductor and Dielectrics), Inorganic chemistry, Inorganic material/physical properties, Function,Properties and Materials in Chemistry, Applied physical properties/crystal engineering
Faculty of Science and EngineeringProfessorYONEZU AkioMachine material/material mechanics, Structural/functional materials, Material processing/treatment

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