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Contents of the Chuo University Academic Researcher Database websiteBrowse by Field of Specialty[History]Form

21 matching researchers were found.

Displaying matches 1 to 20.

Faculty or Graduate School Position Full Name Field of Specialty
Faculty of LettersProfessorABE YukinobuHistory of the Orient
Faculty of LettersProfessorENOMOTO YasukoGeneral history, Literature of various countries/theories of literature criticism
Faculty of LettersAssociate ProfessorISHIBASHI YutoWestern history
Faculty of Policy StudiesProfessorIWATA ShigenoriGeneral history
Faculty of LettersProfessorKAWAKITA AtsukoWestern history, Area studies
Faculty of LettersProfessorKOBAYASHI KenichiArcheology, Cultural asset science
Faculty of CommerceAssociate ProfessorMOON SoonsilHistory of the Orient
Faculty of CommerceProfessorMORTON, RobertWestern history, Cultural anthropology/folklore studies
Faculty of EconomicsProfessorNAKAGAWA YoichiroWestern history, Economic history, Applied economics
Faculty of LettersAssociate ProfessorNISHIKAWA KoheiHistory of Japan
Faculty of CommerceAssociate ProfessorODA YukiArea studies, Western history
Faculty of EconomicsAssociate ProfessorSAKAMOTO HiroshiWestern history
Faculty of LettersProfessorSEO TatsuhikoHistory of the Orient
Faculty of CommerceProfessorSHIBA TeruoWestern history, Economic history
Faculty of LettersProfessorSHINMEN YasushiHistory of the Orient
Faculty of LettersProfessorSHIRANE YasuhiroHistory of Japan
Faculty of LettersProfessorSUGIZAKI TaiichiroWestern history
Faculty of LettersProfessorTAKAHASHI HiroakiHistory of the Orient, Area studies, Cultural asset science
Faculty of EconomicsProfessorTSUCHIDA AkioArea studies, International relationship theory, History of the Orient
Faculty of CommerceAssistant ProfessorUDAGAWA KotaHistory of Japan

Duplication of the full list of researchers without permission is prohibited.

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