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Browse by Field of Specialty[Human Science]

Contents of the Chuo University Academic Researcher Database websiteBrowse by Field of Specialty[Human Science]Form

92 matching researchers were found.

Displaying matches 1 to 20.

Faculty or Graduate School Position Full Name Field of Specialty
Faculty of LettersProfessorABE ShigekiAesthetics/history of art
Faculty of LettersProfessorABE YukinobuHistory of the Orient
Faculty of Policy StudiesSpecially Appointed Assistant ProfessorANDO KaoriForeign language education
Faculty of EconomicsProfessorARAI YoichiEnglish studies, Linguistics
Faculty of CommerceProfessorARAI YutakaGerman Language and Literature, European language literature
Faculty of LawAssociate ProfessorASAOKA YumejiFrench Language and Literature, History of thought
Faculty of EconomicsProfessorCANTOR, Gary WarrenJapanese literature
Faculty of EconomicsAssociate ProfessorCHIBA KengoLinguistics
Faculty of LawProfessorENDO MasahiroLinguistics
Faculty of LettersProfessorENOMOTO YasukoGeneral history, Literature of various countries/theories of literature criticism
Faculty of LettersProfessorFERRIER, Michael FranckyEuropean language literature
Faculty of CommerceAssociate ProfessorFUKUNISHI YumikoEuropean language literature, Area studies
Faculty of LawProfessorFURUTA HirokiyoPhilosophy/ethics
Faculty of LettersAssociate ProfessorHANE ReikaEuropean language literature
Faculty of LettersProfessorHAYASHI AkikoLinguistics, Contrastive Linguistics
Faculty of LettersProfessorHIRAKAWA MakikoForeign language education
Faculty of EconomicsAssociate ProfessorHONDA TakahisaLiterature of various countries/theories of literature criticism
Faculty of Policy StudiesProfessorHOSAKA ShunjiIndian philosophy/Buddhism studies, Religion studies, History of thought
Faculty of CommerceProfessorIIDA AsakoLinguistics, Linguistics
Faculty of LettersProfessorIKEDA KazuomiJapanese literature

Duplication of the full list of researchers without permission is prohibited.

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