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Faculty or Graduate School Position Full Name Field of Specialty
Chuo Law SchoolProfessorABE Michiaki 
Chuo Law SchoolSpecially Appointed ProfessorAMAKAWA HiroyoshiCivil jurisprudence
Chuo Law SchoolProfessorANNEN Junji 
Chuo Law SchoolProfessorDEGUCHI Hisaaki 
Chuo Law SchoolProfessorFUJIWARA Shizuoadministrative law, Public law
Chuo Law SchoolProfessorFUKUHARA TadahikoCivil jurisprudence
Chuo Law SchoolProfessorHONDA Jun-ichi 
Chuo Law SchoolProfessorIDA MakotoCriminal jurisprudence
Chuo Law SchoolProfessorISHIJIMA HiroshiSocial System Engineering, Fiscal studies/finance theory
Chuo Law SchoolProfessorISHINO KouyaNew types of jurisprudence
Chuo Law SchoolProfessorITO HisaeiCivil jurisprudence
Chuo Law SchoolProfessorITO TomoyoshiCivil jurisprudence
Chuo Law SchoolProfessorKANAI TakajiEconomic Law
Chuo Law SchoolProfessorKASAI OsamuCivil jurisprudence
Chuo Law SchoolProfessorKATO ShintaroCivil jurisprudence
Chuo Law SchoolProfessorKIMURA Yoshitaka 
Chuo Law SchoolProfessorKITAMURA YasuzoInternational law studies
Chuo Law SchoolProfessorKOBAYASHI AkihikoCivil jurisprudence
Chuo Law SchoolProfessorKOBAYASHI ManabuCivil jurisprudence
Chuo Law SchoolProfessorKONNO TsuyoshiAccounting

Duplication of the full list of researchers without permission is prohibited.

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