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Faculty or Graduate School Position Full Name Field of Specialty
Faculty of CommerceProfessorABE Yukiko 
Faculty of CommerceProfessorARAI YutakaGerman Language and Literature, European language literature
Faculty of CommerceProfessorARUKA YujiSocial system engineering/safety system, Theoretical economics
Faculty of CommerceProfessorASAKURA KazutoshiAccounting
Faculty of CommerceAssociate ProfessorCHIKUDA Nobuo 
Faculty of CommerceProfessorEGUCHI KyotaApplied economics
Faculty of CommerceProfessorFUJIKI HiroshiFiscal studies/finance theory
Faculty of CommerceProfessorFUKUDA KoseiStatistical science
Faculty of CommerceAssociate ProfessorFUKUNISHI YumikoEuropean language literature, Area studies
Faculty of CommerceAssociate ProfessorFUKUSHIMA KazunoriAccounting
Faculty of CommerceAssociate ProfessorFUNAKI RitsukoPolitics/Latin American Area Studies
Faculty of CommerceProfessorHAKAMATA YoshihikoGeneral Theory of Economics
Faculty of CommerceProfessorHANEDA Shoko 
Faculty of CommerceProfessorHARADA KimieApplied economics, Fiscal studies/finance theory
Faculty of CommerceProfessorHIDAKA KappeiBusiness administration
Faculty of CommerceProfessorHIRANO KenGeneral Theory of Economics, the U.S. economy
Faculty of CommerceProfessorHIRASAWA AtsushiCommerce
Faculty of CommerceProfessorHIRASAWA TetsuOrganization Theory
Faculty of CommerceProfessorHONJO YujiApplied economics, Business administration
Faculty of CommerceProfessorHORIUCHI SatoshiAccounting, Business administration

Duplication of the full list of researchers without permission is prohibited.

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