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Faculty or Graduate School Position Full Name Field of Specialty
Faculty of LawProfessorAIDA Yoshikolitterature francaise du XVIe siecle, didactique du francais
Faculty of LawProfessorAKIYAMA YoshimiEnglish Language and Literature
Faculty of LawProfessorAKIYOSHI TakaoPolitics
Faculty of LawProfessorANDO KoichiApplied economics
Faculty of LawProfessorARAI MakotoCivil jurisprudence
Faculty of LawAssociate ProfessorASAOKA YumejiFrench Language and Literature, History of thought
Faculty of LawProfessorBARFIELD, William AndrewApplied Linguistics and Language Educatior
Faculty of LawAssociate ProfessorDernauer, MarcCivil Law
Faculty of LawProfessorENDO KenichiroCivil jurisprudence
Faculty of LawProfessorENDO MasahiroLinguistics
Faculty of LawResearch AssociateFUKUDA TomokoCivil jurisprudence
Faculty of LawProfessorFURUTA HirokiyoPhilosophy/ethics
Faculty of LawAssociate ProfessorHARA Masato 
Faculty of LawProfessorHARADA TsuyoshiCivil jurisprudence
Faculty of LawProfessorHASHIMOTO MotohiroPublic law
Faculty of LawProfessorHATA KimimasaCivil jurisprudence
Faculty of LawProfessorHATAJIRI TsuyoshiPublic law, Public law, Public law
Faculty of LawProfessorHESSE, StephenEnvironmental Policy; Law
Faculty of LawProfessorHIRAIZUMI TakashiCommercial lawmmaritime law
Faculty of LawProfessorHIRAYAMA ReijiGerman Language and Literature
Faculty of LawProfessorHIROOKA MorihoPolitics
Faculty of LawProfessorHOGAKU Nobuaki 
Faculty of LawProfessorHORIE AikoNew types of jurisprudence
Faculty of LawProfessorHOSHINO SatoshiPolitics
Faculty of LawProfessorINOMATA TakashiCivil jurisprudence
Faculty of LawProfessorINOUE AkiraBasic law
Faculty of LawProfessorISHIDA YuichiGerman Language and Literature
Faculty of LawProfessorISHIYAMA Fumihiko 
Faculty of LawProfessorISOZAKI HatsuhitoPolitics
Faculty of LawProfessorIZEKI Tadahisa 
Faculty of LawAssociate ProfessorKAIFU KenzoEcology/environment
Faculty of LawProfessorKARATSU HiroshiSocial jurisprudence
Faculty of LawProfessorKAWADA TomokoLabor Law
Faculty of LawSpecially Appointed ProfessorKAWAI MikioWestern history
Faculty of LawProfessorKIGAWA YuichiroCivil jurisprudence
Faculty of LawProfessorKITAI TatsuyaBasic law
Faculty of LawProfessorKOBAYASHI MasayukiGerman Language and Literature
Faculty of LawAssociate ProfessorKOGA MitsuoPolitics, Politics
Faculty of LawProfessorKOMIYA YasutakeCivil jurisprudence
Faculty of LawProfessorKOMURO YuriEnglish Linguistics and Lexicography, Linguistics
Faculty of LawProfessorKOSUGI SuekichiBasic law
Faculty of LawResearch AssociateKUBONIWA SatoshiInternational law studies
Faculty of LawProfessorKUDO HirokoPolitics
Faculty of LawProfessorKUNIEDA ShigekiFiscal studies/finance theory, Theoretical economics
Faculty of LawProfessorKURIYAMA ChikakoLiterature of various countries/theories of literature criticism, Literature of various countries/theories of literature criticism
Faculty of LawProfessorLi TingjiangPolitics
Faculty of LawProfessorMAGATA OsamuCriminal jurisprudence
Faculty of LawProfessorMAKINO UweHuman Rights / Indigenous Rights / Ainu Culture and History
Faculty of LawProfessorMATSUBARA MitsuhiroConstitutional Law
Faculty of LawProfessorMEGATA ShuichiroInternational law studies
Faculty of LawProfessorMIURA OsamuCivil jurisprudence
Faculty of LawProfessorMIYAMARU YujiEuropean language literature
Faculty of LawAssociate ProfessorMIYAMOTO KoheiCivil jurisprudence
Faculty of LawProfessorMIYAMOTO Taro 
Faculty of LawProfessorMIYANO HirokazuInternational law studies
Faculty of LawProfessorMIYAZAKI ShinichiPsychoneurosis studies
Faculty of LawProfessorMIYOSHI MiyukiEnglish Language and Literature
Faculty of LawProfessorMORI HikaruBasic law
Faculty of LawAssociate ProfessorMURAI GoPhysical Education
Faculty of LawAssociate ProfessorNAGASHIMA SaekoEnglish Language and Literature, Gender
Faculty of LawProfessorNAKAJIMA YasuyoPolitics
Faculty of LawProfessorNAKANOME YoshinoriCriminal jurisprudence
Faculty of LawProfessorNAKAZAWA HideoSociology
Faculty of LawProfessorNARAZAKI MidoriInternational law studies, Private Iinternational Law
Faculty of LawAssociate ProfessorNISHI RyotaLiterature of various countries/theories of literature criticism
Faculty of LawProfessorNISHIMURA NobufumiSocial jurisprudence
Faculty of LawProfessorNISHIUMI MakiInternational law studies
Faculty of LawProfessorNITTA HidekiSocial jurisprudence
Faculty of LawProfessorNIX, Anthony MichaelCultural Studies, Learner autonomy and critical academic literacy
Faculty of LawProfessorNODA HiroshiCivil jurisprudence, Civil jurisprudence
Faculty of LawProfessorNomura -Ichimasa ShioriArea studies
Faculty of LawProfessorOGANO ShoichiCivil jurisprudence
Faculty of LawAssociate ProfessorOKADA DaishiScience education, Educational technology, Pedagogy
Faculty of LawProfessorOKAMOTO MasaakiEnglish Language and Literature
Faculty of LawProfessorOKUYAMA ShuheiHistory of Science and Technology
Faculty of LawAssociate ProfessorRIKIMARU SachikoCivil jurisprudence
Faculty of LawProfessorSAIGUSA YukioEnglish Language and Literature
Faculty of LawAssociate ProfessorSAKAI Yumiko 
Faculty of LawProfessorSANADA KenjiEuropean language literature
Faculty of LawProfessorSATO Fumihiko 
Faculty of LawProfessorSATOMA ShizuoEnglish Language and Literature
Faculty of LawAssistant ProfessorSHIBAHARA HiroakiCivil jurisprudence
Faculty of LawAssociate ProfessorSHIBATA KenjiPublic law
Faculty of LawProfessorSHIBUYA MasahiroPublic law
Faculty of LawResearch AssociateSHIDA JunjiroInternational relationship theory
Faculty of LawProfessorSHIKATA KoCriminal jurisprudence
Faculty of LawProfessorSUZUKI AkioCriminal Law
Faculty of LawProfessorSUZUKI Hirohito 
Faculty of LawProfessorTADAKI MakotoCriminal jurisprudence
Faculty of LawProfessorTAKADA AtsushiCivil jurisprudence
Faculty of LawProfessorTAKAHASHI KaoruFrench Language and Literature
Faculty of LawProfessorTAKAHASHI ToruSociology
Faculty of LawProfessorTAKECHI HideyukiPolitics
Faculty of LawAssociate ProfessorTANI MiyukiLinguistics, English studies
Faculty of LawAssociate ProfessorTANIGUCHI Hiroshi 
Faculty of LawResearch AssociateTANII SatoshiCriminal jurisprudence
Faculty of LawAssociate ProfessorTHORNTON, PeterHistory of thought
Faculty of LawProfessorTOKUMOTO HirotakaPublic law
Faculty of LawProfessorTORIYAMA ShojiPublic law
Faculty of LawProfessorTSUNO GuidoBasic law

Duplication of the full list of researchers without permission is prohibited.

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