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Researcher Profile

Faculty of Science and Engineering/Professor

HAGA Masaaki

[Academic History]

  • Osaka University, Graduate School, Division of Engineering, Applied Chemistry, Master, Completed (1974/03)
  • Osaka University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Applied Chemistry, Graduated (1972/03)

[Main Employment History]

  • Visiting Professor at Beijing Normal University (2015/10/23-2015/11/05)
  • Visiting Professor at Cornell University (Department of Chemistry) (2010/04-2011/03)
  • Adjunct lecturer at Waseda University (1999/10-)
  • Adjust lecturer at Kyushu University (1999/04-2000/03)
  • Adjunct lecturer at Yamagata University (1998/10-1999/03)
  • Full Professor at Chuo University, Japan (1998/04-)
  • Visiting Professor at Institute for Molecular Science, Okazaki, Japan (1996/04-1998/03)
  • Visiting Professor at Pennsylvania State University (1995/07-1995/11)
  • Full Professor at Mie University (1991/04-1996/03)
  • Visiting Research Fellow at Deacon University in Australia (A. M. Bond) (1985/09-1986/08)
  • Post doctoral Fellow at York University, Canada (Prof. A. B. P. Lever) (1983/04-1984/05)
  • Associate Professor at Mie University (1980/04-1991/03)
  • Assistant Professor at Mie University (1978/10-1980/03)
  • Research Associate, Mie University (1978/04-1978/09)

[Fields of Specialty]

  • Inorganic chemistry
  • Functional materials/device
  • Functional material chemistry

[Research Themes]

  • Fabrication of Photoelelctrochemical Devices Based on Metal Complexes (2002/04-)

[Research Results]

[Research Papers, Books, and Oral Presentations]

[Academic Awards]

[Academic Society Memberships]

  • Board member, Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry in the Chemical Society of Japan (2009/04-)
  • The Polarographic Society of Japan (1979/01-)
  • Material Research Society (2002/10-)

[Social Activities]

  • University of Sydney External Examiner (2015/05-2015/12)
  • City University of Hong Kong Ph D Examiner (2006/12-2007/03)

[Extracurricular Activities]

  • University of Sydney, Ph. D. External Examiner (2015/05-2015/12)

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