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Researcher Profile

Faculty of Science and Engineering/Professor


[Contact Details]

[Academic History]

  • Nagoya University, Graduate School, Division of Engineering, Chemical Enginnering Cource, Doctor, Completed (1988/03)
  • Nagoya University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering, Graduated (1983/03)

[Main Employment History]

  • Chuo University,Associate Professor (1995/04-2007/03)
  • Nagoya University,Assistant Professor (1988/04-1995/03)

[Fields of Specialty]

  • Energy studies
  • Fluidics
  • Thermal engineering
  • Environmental technology/environmental material

[Research Themes]

  • development of solar driven sea water membrane processes (2011/04-2014/03)
  • Characteristics of wet granular materials (1995/04-)
  • Development of a novel solar distillator for desert plantation (1995/04-)
  • Experimental and numerical estimation of gas and slug flow in a cyclone furnace (1995/04-)

[Research Results]

[Research Papers, Books, and Oral Presentations]

[Academic Awards]

[Academic Society Memberships]

  • The society of Chemical Engineers,Japan (1982/03-)
  • The society og powder technology,Japan (1995/04-)
  • The Japan society of mechanical engineers (1996/11-)
  • The Japan society of multuphase flow (1998/07-)
  • The heat transfer society of Japan (1995-)
  • The society of sea water science,Japan (1995-)
  • International Desalination Association (2001/09-2004/09)
  • European Desalination Socirty (2008/03-)

[Social Activities]

  • APPIE Coordinator of granulatin meeting (2008/04-)
  • powder science & enfineering (1997/06-2007/03)

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