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Researcher Profile

Faculty of Commerce/Specially Appointed Professor

TAKAGI Kristy King

M.S. in Family & Child Development  Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama U.S.
M.A. in English  Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama U.S.
M. A. in Advanced Japanese Studies  Sheffield University, Sheffield, U.K.
Ed.D. in TESOL/Curriculum & Instruction  Temple University

[Academic History]

  • Temple University Japan campus, Graduate School of Education, Doctor, Completed (2011/05)
  • Sheffield University, School of East Asian Studies, Others, Completed (2000/05)
  • Auburn University, Graduate School, Department of English, Others, Completed (1989/03)
  • Auburn University, Graduate School, Department of Family and Child Development, Others, Completed (1980/06)
  • Auburn University, Department of Foreign Languages, Graduated (1977/12)

[Main Employment History]

  • University of Fukui, Fukui, Japan, Deputy Director, Professor, Language Center (2013/04-2016/03)
  • Akita International University, Akita, Japan, Assistant Professor in EAP Dept. (2007/04-2013/03)
  • Sagami Women's University (2006/04-2007/03)
  • Tokyo Jogakkan College, Tokyo, Japan, Visiting Professor (2002/04-2006/08)
  • Aoyama Gakuin University (1999/09-2001/03)
  • Otsuma Women's University (1999/04-2002/03)
  • Chuo University (1997/04-2002/03)
  • Kyoritsu Women's University (1997/04-1999/03)
  • Japan Women's University (1996/04-1998/03)
  • Asia University, Tokyo, Japan, Visiting Professor (1994/04-1996/03)
  • Tokyo International University of America, Salem, Oregon, U.S. Full-time in EAP program (1992/05-1993/07)
  • Yokohama Academy, Yokohama, Japan, full-time in college program (1991/04-1992/03)
  • New Day School, Yamagata, Japan, full-time in jr. college, high school, etc. (1990/03-1991/03)
  • Auburn University, Graduate Teaching Assistant (composition) in English Department (1986/09-1989/03)
  • East Alabama Adult Day Treatment Center, Coordinator, Opelika, AL, U.S. (1982/12-1986/03)
  • Vashti Educational Center, Thomasville, GA, U.S., Social Services Director (1980/08-1982/09)

[Fields of Specialty]

  • Foreign language education

[Research Themes]

  • Testing, Assessment, Test Validation (2007/01-)

[Research Papers, Books, and Oral Presentations]

[Academic Awards]

[Academic Society Memberships]

  • PROMS (2014-2015)
      ・Member and conference participant of the Pacific Rim Objective Measurement Symposium, devoted to Rasch analysis 2014-2015 
  • PRESDA Foundation (Pacific Rim Education for Sustainable Development Alliance) (2013-2015)
      ・Supported PRESDA by participating in 2013, 2014, and 2015 conferences. Also served as featured speaker and advisor to PRESDA in 2015. 2013-2015 
  • Info Invest Ltd./associated with Science and Education Foundation ( (2013-2015)
      ・Supported this Bulgarian organization by attending the 2013 conference, advising the director, and serving as honorary editor (2014) and secretary (2015) 2013-2015 
  • JALT (1995-2015)
      ・Member and participant of the Japan Association for Language Teaching conferences 1995-2015 

[Social Activities]

  • Supported Akita International University by teaching in the SETS summer program for junior high and high school English teachers (2007/08-2016/03)
  • Supported the Akita International University EAP Department and the Language Center at Fukui University by researching program tests (2007/04-2015)
  • During this time period, I was a volunteer reading tutor in the Adult Basic Education Program in Lee County, Alabama. (1989/01-1990)
  • While a student at Auburn University, I participated in a variety of volunteer activities, including visiting nursing homes for the elderly, working with children in after-school programs, and working in a volunteer team that went to work in Belize, Central America. (1973/07-1980/12)

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